What am I doing here?

So, I’ve read blogs, commented on some even but never thought about having one of my own. Why today then? Is it because I already have 4 jobs, not including being a stay at home mom? Maybe, I am need to do more social media work than I already do? Maybe I am nuts? Or maybe, because as I was scrubbing dog diarrhea off the basement floor (cement, thankfully) I started to chuckle and wonder how I would have gotten all of this sh*% off the floor if I was still working full-time in an office? Would I have called in late? No, this took HOURS to clean! Would I have taken the day off? No, my former boss would not have understood that one! No, actually it probably would have sat there till I got home and when I got home I would have been a miserable b*%$h, yelling at the kids, mad at my husband for not finding it when he got up and it would have been a long night. So, how did I get so lucky to be able to stay home and clean up dog sh*% while the kids stand at the top of the stairs yelling, “yuck, it stinks!”? Perhaps my blog will uncover the reason for such luck?